Getting started


Yozuch requires Python 3.6 and supports Mac OS, Linux and Windows.

You can install Yozuch using pip:

pip install yozuch

Create project

yozuch init myblog

This will create the initial project structure and sample configuration file.

Create new post

Create a new reStructuredText file using your favorite text editor:

First post
Hello, world!

Save file as myblog/posts/2014-01-30-first-post.rst.

Preview your blog

Yozuch includes a preview server which automatically rebuilds blog and reloads the current page in a browser when you modify some of the project files:

yozuch serve

Open in your browser. Congratulations! Here is your blog.

Build production version

Run build command from your project directory:

yozuch build

You can find the generated blog in myblog/output directory.